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At Porsche Milwaukee North, we want to help you stay behind the wheel of your well-maintained Porsche SUV or car for as long as you desire. At the same time, we strive to make it more affordable for you to get your Porsche the maintenance services that it needs. Explore our numerous coupons and discount offers on the services your vehicle needs.

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Porsche Oil Changes

Through our service center, you can choose from various conventional, synthetic or synthetic blend engine oils to meet your Porsche’s specific needs. With specials and discounts available on oil changes from time to time, you could save a bundle of cash on your vehicle’s next oil change.

Porsche Alignment Services

An alignment is essential after a tire or brake service, and it is also needed if you notice your car veering to one side when you drive. This service can ensure even tire wear and can keep other repair issues from developing. We proudly offer savings opportunities on Porsche wheel alignment services from time to time.

Porsche Brake Services

If you have noticed that your car takes longer than usual to stop, it may be time for a brake pad replacement? Service may also be needed if you hear grinding, squealing, or other sounds when you press down on the brake pedal. We know that replacing brakes and getting other braking system services can be expensive. You could enjoy quality workmanship and significant savings when you schedule service at Porsche Milwaukee North.

Porsche Tire Replacements

From tire air pressure to tread and more, the condition of your tires impacts your safe driving experience. Whether you know that your old tires need to be replaced or you want a professional opinion, we are available to help. Take advantage of our special tire replacement offers to save money on this vital service.

Porsche Battery Services

All car batteries will eventually reach the end of their life and will need to be replaced. When you visit Porsche Milwaukee North for a battery replacement, you can rest assured that a quality reliable battery will be installed. You could save money on a battery replacement by taking advantage of our service shop’s special offers.