Porsche Hybrid & Electric Cars: Ownership Advantage

Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid & Porsche Taycan EV

The Porsche lineup continues to evolve with exciting improvements to many models. As part of Porsche’s commitment to a healthy environment, many vehicles are available with electric engines or hybrid powertrains. You can expect the same luxury and stunning performance capabilities that Porsche is known for when you choose one of these models. There are two other key reasons why buying a Porsche hybrid, or all-electric vehicle makes sense.

Top Reasons to Buy a Porsche Hybrid or EV

Fuel and Service Savings

A hybrid Porsche pulls power from a battery-driven electric motor and a gas engine. Because of this design, it sips fuel. An electric vehicle exclusively has one or two electric motors with no gas-powered components. You can drastically reduce or even eliminate gas consumption with both options. With electric models specifically, oil changes are not needed, and brake wear may be reduced. Because of this, EVs have lower maintenance service costs.

Your Carbon Footprint

Finding ways to lower your carbon footprint can be challenging, but you can make a significant impact when you drive an electric or hybrid Porsche. These models generally produce fewer emissions than gas-powered vehicles do. Each time you drive, you can feel great about the difference you are making.

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